Newswire - 19 January

19 January 2021Newswire Topics: Hotels & Guest Houses, Leisure & Nightclubs, Pubs & Bars, Rental, Restaurants
Newswire - 19 January

Prime Minister turns down opportunity to discuss Minister of Hospitality role

According to Boutique Hospitality, Boris Johnson has turned down a request to meet with petitioners to discuss the potential of creating a Minister of Hospitality role in parliament. The petition for a Minister of Hospitality was started in October and spurred on in November when Robin Hutson launched his seatatthetable campaign. When the petition went to debate in parliament on Monday, it had reached more than 200,000 signatures.

Supreme Court backs policyholders in 'massive boost' to lockdown-hit businesses

The Supreme Court ruled on Friday 15th January that the 'vast majority' of business interruption insurance policyholders will have cover for losses incurred due to national Covid-19 measures, reported the Morning Advertiser.

Greene King announces 90% lockdown rent concessions for all tied tenants

Caterlyst advise that Greene King Pub Partners has continued its rent support for tenants during the Covid-19 crisis by confirming that all tied tenants will continue receiving 90% rent concessions until the end of the current lockdown. This comes despite the government announcing grants of up to £9,000 for individual hospitality businesses impacted by the latest lockdown to help them through to the spring.

MPs launch urgent inquiry into Covid-19 and night-time economy

The Caterer report that the newly formed All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the night-time economy has launched an urgent inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on British nightlife. The inquiry is calling for evidence from night-time economy businesses, employees, freelancers and consumers to share their views on the challenges facing the sector, its importance to society and economy, and how nightlife can be reopened. Consultations will run throughout the month of January for a report scheduled to be released in February.

Sunak - important hospitality industry is given every possible chance to succeed and flourish

Propel reported that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said as the UK comes out of the covid-19 crisis it will be important the hospitality industry is "given every possible chance to succeed and flourish". He said "I will bear in mind other avenues for future support. As we come out of this it will be important the hospitality industry is given every possible chance to succeed and flourish."

More than 800 chain restaurants, bars and cafes close for good as Covid-19 lockdowns bite sector

More than 800 chain restaurants, bars and coffee shops have closed since the start of the Covid pandemic, research compiled for the Evening Standard has found. Covid has wrought havoc on cashflows of leisure sector operators as they have been repeatedly forced to close or only open under tough restrictions to ensure social distancing.

37 pubs a month 'vanished' in 2020

Some 446 pubs 'vanished' from communities in England and Wales last year, equating to an average of 37 a month, new figures show, according to the Morning Advertiser.

And Finally...

The Independent have celebrated the 25th birthday of the Eagle, Britain's first gastropub, The Eagle, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on 14 January, isn't just any old London boozer serving food, but the site of a dining revolution that spawned thousands of imitators, changing the way the British eat while we drink.

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