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Survey of Pub Prices 2020


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This survey provides analysis and commentary on the statistics relating to public house transactions by Fleurets for the period from October 2019 to Sept 2020, including comparison of market conditions and transaction activity Pre & Post Covid-19.

As we entered the fourth quarter of 2019 and looked forward to the start of 2020, the economic focus on whether the UK would agree a Brexit deal was driving yet more uncertainty. The Supreme Court had just declared it unlawful for Boris Johnson to advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament and there were strong calls for the Prime Minister to consider his position. We were, of course, right to be concerned about our future relationship with Europe and it was understandable to feel "Brexit-weary" after several years of posturing and debating, but we had no idea of the devastating events that were to follow.

This survey considers data and analysis from public house transactions by Fleurets for the period from 1 October 2019 to 30 Sept 2020 and provides commentary on the rapidly changing landscape up to the start of December 2020, when the new, stronger 3 tier system was introduced.

We have considered the very different market conditions across two periods: pre and post Covid-2019, each of roughly six months duration.

Overview Pre-Covid 19 - 6 months to March 2020
Avg Freehold - Trading Price +8.3% at £868,683
Avg Freehold - Non Trading Price -10.8% at £306,299
Avg Leasehold Price +10.2% at £56,797